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Empowering new single by Maïa Davies out now on Acronym records

On her latest single, Juno-nominated, SOCAN #1 bilingual Canadian songwriter, recording artist and producer Maïa Davies flips the script on the old adage, ‘To move on you need to forgive.’ 

FYIDFY cover photo to use.tiff

Instead, as the title bluntly suggests, “Fuck You I Don’t Forgive You,” is a winking revenge song that finds personal salvation at the edge of a bloody sword. 


Written on a piano once owned by Burt Bacharach, “FYIDFU” was penned in the wake of a deep personal betrayal. Turning heartbreak into hardcore actualization, it’s an anthem of self-empowerment crafted as a melodic hate letter. 


In the end, Davies argues, the only person you need to forgive is yourself for having ever fallen for such scum in the first place. 


“Fuck You I Don’t Forgive You” is produced by Andy Stochansky (Lola Lennox, Ani Difranco) and Davies and recorded in Los Angeles, Montréal and PEI.

A non-explicit version is available, listen here-

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